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Great shop if you’re looking to buy and sell coins, unique pieces and collectibles. The staff at Oakton Coins and Collectibles was great to work with and I will be going back for sure! Thanks Joses!




My girlfriend & I came here looking to get rid of things we don’t need anymore. As we’ve gotten older our style has changed from being less flashy to more minimal. We traded in gold bracelets, diamond ear rings, old cuff links & a few gold antiques for cash. They gave us a very fair price on everything. It didn’t take too long & everyone was super nice to us here. This way better than going to some pawn shop. Much warmer, inviting environment.




Joses is very kind, professional and has extensive knowledge of the gold and silver marker. Most importantly, he is very honest and seems to love what he does. I will be back to Oakton Coins in the near future.




Finally decided to part with the grandparents’ old sterling silver from many generations ago. I shopped it around and the friendly, engaging guys at Oakton Coin & Collectibles gave me the best price. They were thorough, testing several unmarked pieces for precious metal content – yet the whole process took so little time. I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks!




Stopped in to have a few proof sets, silver coins and loose foreign coins appraised. J was very helpful, thorough and informative. I received a written appraisal and he took the time to answer all of my questions. There was no pressure to sell or buy. Since I was given a fair price on the appraisal, I decided to sell. There are quite a few coin shops in the area, but this is the only one you need to visit. Even if you are not from the immediate area, it’s definitely worth the drive!




I had a great experience with Oakton Coins and Collectibles. Two experiences actually. The first time I brought in my uncle’s stamp collection. While J and Joses had some experience with stamps, they recommended another place with more expertise. Then I brought in my uncle’s coin collection. They spend a lot of time with me and answered all my questions, even the stupid ones. They know a lot about coins and their value. I think I got a fair price and excellent service. I highly recommend them.




I brought in some gold and some coins, they presented me with an offer that was much higher than two other gold buyers in Evanston and Chicago…. the owner was honest and knowledgeable about what he was purchasing and I was completely satisfied. I recommend Oakton Coins & Collectible over anyone else in Chicago 100%. Someday I am going to bring my diamonds in for a appraisal value. I know ill get an honest answer.




Joses was so easy to work with! I didn’t know what to expect before I went in, but both were so nice and easy to do business with. I would definitely come back here again! I highly recommend them.




Great place to come if you are looking to sell gold or coins. The staff was very helpful and friendly as soon as I walked in. I’ll definitely recommend my friends to come here!




Outstanding service. Looking to sell antique silverware passed down from family members. Had a great experience. Ownership is honest with the customer and provides a comfortable atmosphere. Always come here when looking to buy or sell.




I don’t usually visit these places but I found an old gold coin my grandfather left me and I thought it was worth less and I was uneducated in this field and business I went to various ones and even got low balled on most of them this place gave me the best amount I could get for the coin even more then I eBay could of got me thanks made the drive from Chicago worth it 5 stars ! The workers are really knowledgeable thanks.




I was looking for special coins for the tooth fairy to leave my children. They were so helpful in finding the coins and very fair prices. I could not say enough great things!




I was in Skokie visiting a friend the other day and we were out and about doing some shopping. Happen to walk by this store and wanted to go in because my dad is a coin collector and I wanted to see if I could find him a cool birthday gift. I was greeted immediately, which was nice. It seems a lot of times small stores don’t even want to acknowledge a potential customer has walked into their business. But not here! I was asked if I was looking for anything specific or if I was just browsing. So I told them I wanted to take a look at their coins. They had a really nice selection of coins, but also estate jewelry,paper money (domestic and foreign). I loved their selection of product … there is something for everyone in all different price ranges. I completely forgot the name of the person who helped me but he was very nice, and very knowledgeable about what they had for sale. This store also buys jewelry, coins, gold & silver, antiques, etc. I’m glad we found this store. My dad is going to be so happy with his gift! (I got him a couple one ounce silver American eagle coins). Overall I enjoyed my visit to this store. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, but not overbearing. They have a nice selection of product. The store itself was clean and inviting. I would definitely recommend that you go at least to browse, as there are some interesting pieces to look at, and purchase!




Both J and J have been quite helpful every time I’ve visited. In addition, (even with PM prices in the dumps), they continue to offer solid pricing (as good as what I could get online). In short, I’d highly recommend them for buying and selling.




I went to this story after going to many different stores. I previously had discovered some gold coins that my grandparents had left behind. I didn’t know what kind of coins they were or where I could even go to check it out. I called many stores around the area and they kept telling me that they wouldn’t be able to give me an estimate like that. They told me that many times there could be a fee or I got low ball offers. When I went to Oakton Coins and Collectibles, I felt a different vibe because of the atmosphere that was created. I was helped by the staff right away. The staff was able to explain what gold coin it was. They were able to give me an honest answer about the real worth of it. I know they could have easily lied to me in order to make money, but they gave me a fair price. I was also interested by the vast amount of knowledge that the staff had on the coin. I know many times people just care about the money but they were able to give me a whole back story about the coin. I will definitely stop by the store again to see what other interesting items they may have.




Not only do they have a fantastic shop, with a constant stream of quality items at great prices, but they are also extremely friendly, knowledgable, fair and professional. Stop in, you won’t be disappointed.




Sold my Uncles coin collection. Found them entertaining and honest. I actually held out a couple coins they eyed and sold them on EBay. Got $2 more from a couple of silver dollars and the same for a handful of older quarters. I’d say we got a fair deal.




I am not one to write reviews, but I feel compelled to write this one. Super friendy staff, very helpful and professional!! they sell a great selection of jewelry and coins with the best prices! I have been to a few different stores in Chicago, I brought in jewelry to be appraised & he was very efficient & I was happy with the information he gave me. Explained everything very well was genuine and honest. Just a great and wonderful place to do business, I highly recommend!!!!




We went to Oakton coins and collectibles on the recommendation of friends. I was a little skeptical at first because of a bad review I read on here but soon as I walked in, that feeling disappeared.. I was greated and treated like family, it was refreshing, but I couldn’t be more impressed by Joses specifically. My husband’s aunt recently passed away and we inherited coins we had no use for… we are so beyond thrilled. There was no pressure, he gave us a very fair price on our coins, Joses was incredibly helpful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. You can sell your gold and coins here if your debating between this store and another choose Oakton coins and collectibles… You won’t be disappointed with their staff!!!




I drove from the south suburbs to skokie. I found Oakton off of yelp and read all the reviews and decided to stop by. I thought I’d give it a try since i really needed some cash. I was greeted by josos and showed him the gold coins that i had. I wasn’t certain as to what they were worth but I feel like I was given wayyyyyy more than what i was asking for. I highly recommend stopping by if you need cash and have gold or silver to sell. The drive was well worth it. Thanks again Joses.




Very fair coin dealer when I sold my coins. Employers are very knowledgable about coins and the industry. My go to place for anything coins.




Wow!! Top service and more than fair prices for your valuables! Joses & Mike are very knowledgeable and will give you top dollar! I had conducted some research on other shops in Chicagoland and burb areas and Joses, owner, gave me the best price for my gold, and other items. Easy enough to find store front, clean and professional shop! Thanks guys…I highly recommend you to all my friends and family!




are you looking to buy/sell your Gold & or Gold coins in the Chicago area?? stop looking….this is DEFINITELY the place! come on in & talk to Joses, great honest guy. He will definitely give you the absolute best price around, guaranteed. Im a very happy customer & you will be also.
5+ stars….




Well, this is the place to go with all of those treasures (?) you find in your parents basement. Coins, stamps, jewelry, you name it. Joses gave me a quick once-over appraisal of a crazy coin collection. He gave sound advice on whether my collection had any potential as an investment and warned me about mold and mildew. Parking in back. A good place to pick up a cool gift. Groomsmen gifts?




I was actually here a couple weeks ago but just got around to writing a review. Very clean store with delightful staff who aren’t overbearing and gave me a great price on some old gold I hadn’t worn in awhile. Terrific place to buy and sell jewelry and gold. I’ll be going back for sure! Thanks guys!




The employees here at Oakton Coins go way above the rest. I was treated so much different here than other coin places. I had no idea what the value was on some of my coins, and they pulled up comparable coins and provided a fair asking value of my coins. I would do business with them anytime.




My folks died and left us with a lot of coins to be appraised (silver dollars, coins in original rolls, collector sets, foreign coins, etc…). I was happy to have found Oakton Coins & Collectibles. They were friendly, fast, and efficient at sorting through what I brought in to them. With no appointment required, they quickly went to work separating those coins with more than face value from those I would later take myself to the bank as cash. They seemed knowledgeable and fair, offering to buy what had value at the end of their sorting. I have already suggested a friend visit their shop. I was highly satisfied with my experience.




Oakton coins and collectibles is your go to place to sell gold. Way better offers than other places I’ve been to in Chicago. Friendly staff. They buy and sell a variety of items. Will definitely go back in the near future




I noticed the other review regarding poor customer service, and I will have to disagree. From my experience, Joses seemed very friendly! This is where you wanna come to handle your buying/selling needs for any of that pretty coinage you have. Have some old coins that your grandparents gave you and you don’t know what to do with? Take it here. Found a collection at an estate sale and wanna know how much it’s worth? Take it here. They’ll take care of you.




I had two old gold watches from my grandfather that didn’t even run anymore. I put together a small list of pawn shops/watch stores/cash for gold places in the area and spent a couple days looking for the best offer. All places I went to were were shady and pretty trashy. When I walked into Oakton Coins I was greeted by both store owners and got an offer significantly better than any other place I went to. A family friend who sells watches told me I would not get more than $300 for them but Oakton Coins offered me $450. On top of that I asked if I could work out a deal where I took less in cash and got more in store credit (they have some cool old American coins which I wanted to get to top off my coin collection). I walked out with $250 in cash and about $300 in coins. Overall great experience and I would definitely tell you not waste your time going to the other sleazy pawn shops in the area if you are looking to sell or buy something.




After searching yelp for the best place to sell some old gold I’ve been keeping, I finally came across this GEM! This was the 2nd place I visited and am I glad I did. Staff was super friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. Didn’t try to lowball me. Will definitely visit again!




Very satisfied! Got a good deal on my gold jewelry. If you are looking for place to sell your gold or silver in Chicago, you should definitely go there! Highly recommended!




This is wonderful place to sell gold or coins in the Chicago area. I love going here! The people are friendly and very helpful. I would definitely use their services again. Keep up the great work!




The best place to take your coin and collectibles for cash. Very friendly and professional place to do business. I re diced the highest amount of cash here compared to other places.




Came here to sell some old gold i had. Visited other places before here and they offered me to low, here i sold it for a good price and people where friendly and polite. highly recommend this place for people that have gold lying around .




I stopped in today after doing my homework on a lot of places and I have to say I was very impressed. J & J were both very friendly and polite, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the offer they gave me for my old jewelry. The place is clean and secure, something that definitely sold me from the minute I walked in. I look forward to working with these guys in the future!




I researched a few different places to bring some old jewelry to sell and I’m glad I found this place! The gentleman gave us a very fair price and was very polite. Very quick process. All around a great experience.




I came into this business a few days ago with a bunch of items that I expected to get offered almost nothing for. Joe and Jay, knowing that I knew absolutely nothing about jewelry or any collectible items whatsoever were two of the most honest and pleasant people I’ve ever met. I will never go to another coin and collectible shop again. I have been ripped off numerous times and they are more than fair. I referred many of my friends and family members who are looking to sell their items. They were all just as impressed. Support their business. You will not be let down!




This place is the best!! I did quite a bit of research before ending up at Oakton Coin & Collectibles, and am so glad I did. Joses and Jay are absolutely wonderful to work with. They are courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Oakton Coin & Collectibles! You will not be disappointed!




I brought in some old jewelry that was just laying around gathering dust and was given a price that was more than fair. I went to one other pawn shop to see what they would offer and it was well below what Oakton offered me. Will be doing more business with them in the future!




Jay is THE nicest person you could do business with as far as collectibles, coins, etc. He makes the whole process so extremely easy, pleasant, and he’s impeccably honest. It does not get any better – I have been here a couple times now and it’s just been a great experience.




With the recent passing of my mother, I needed help liquidating a coin collection I had inherited. Jay & Joses invested a tremendous amount of time sorting through and giving me a valuation for the coins. The process was more emotional than I anticipated. Jay & Joses were helpful and patient during the entire process. I was very satisfied with the final results. Their professionalism made the process much easier. Thank you.




Got my coins appraised here and really enjoyed taking to the owner of this shop. I would definitely recommend going to visit this little coin store.




I came here with my 3rd grader and his friend when school was canceled due to cold. They’re both interested in coins, so we thought it would be fun – and it was! They don’t just have coins, but other collectibles too. The owner and his colleague were both very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend checking it out!




I was glad to find a coin shop in skokie. Joses took good care of me. Will do business again.




A+ Customer Service! The owner is super friendly & knowledgeable and really cares about his customers. He was a great help to me and gave me a great prize for my gold and I would highly recommend this shop to anyone!




The staff are incredibly nice and well informed. We have learned so much about coins from them. My 13 yr old and I really enjoy our outings there. So many cool coins.




I highly recommend this business! Clean & comfortable environment, helpful & friendly staff, fair prices. The process was handled quickly and I won’t ever sell my gold or silver to anywhere but here! Coming back soon!!




I buy gold coins from all the Chicago coin shops. Always with cash, because thats how I do it. At first this seemed like a good place to buy gold… but then they said that they would have to do some sort of irs or government paperwork if I bought $10,000 cash; no thank you Ill take my business elsewhere.




Great selection of coin collecting supplies, easy in and out parking.




The best customer service in top of a great rate for my gold. Definitely will recommend after checking other stores and their market price…$$$ highly recommend surely coming back soon!!!




I’m very glad I went there, very fair.




These guys are great! A family tragedy has left me with the task of dividing up portions of the estate, on top of it, dividing up a coin collection left me unsure where to start. J and Joe have been amazing. They go through and make their assessment and then took the time to explain to me how they came up with their figures. Jay gave me advice and was willing to explain how he came up with his numbers and which portions would be easier for me to just divide up evenly. They are knowledgeable and patient and didn’t make me feel pressured to sell immediately. They gave me the option and were nice about it!! I have also brought in a few pieces of jewelry and they were just as accommodating when evaluating that. I will absolutely be going back there and I highly recommend this shop for any coin, jewelry or collectable needs.




After Looking Around for a Coin Place to sell my collection i saw and heard so many good things about Oakton Coins & Collectibles and go talk to Joses he was a great help and definitely knows his coins.i have recommend this place to friends and family I would definitely come back here again! I highly recommend them




I had some gold and old coins I needed to sell, and after reading reviews and doing some research, I decided to check this place out. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable, they made me a great offer for my stuff. I am definitely coming back here!




My mom and I shopped her jewelry around to three places before selling, the last stop was Oakton Coins. Wish it was the first stop, in retrospect. They tested the gold in front of us, (it’s a interesting process). Payment was in cash and a good 20% higher than the others. Tip: Stay away from of that “jewelry shop” in Evanston that takes your jewelry in the back room; shady.




this place gave me higher than anyone in the area appraised my old coin collection, jeff was an absolute pleasure to work with and was very knowledgeable!, i will definitely be back!




I LOVE OAKTON COINS!! I inherited a “rare” and bulky coin collection from my late grandfather. I had no real idea what I was getting into or what I had. They were more than helpful and EXTREMELY knowledgable! They took the time to catalog and organize the whole thing (it was kind of a mess). I ended up keeping some of it and selling most of it. Now I have more space and money, THANK YOU!! Next time ill bring a bone for the cute dog 😉




I was doing a final clean out my elderly parents house and found a old toolbox in the back of a storage closet. To my surprise It was filled with silver coins, and some coin books and coin rolls. I really didn’t know what to do with the stuff, my mother must’ve collected the stuff back in the 60s. After lugging this heavy box to Oakton coins. They helped me sort through everything, It took quite a while and counting it all was quite a chore. But it was worth it… It tallied up to close to $2000 dollars. The boys at Oakton Coins really helped me out, Ill be back. Thank you.




Well, I inherited some gold and silver coins and I realize there’s no use collecting them. I don’t see any sentimental value on them – only financial value. So I grabbed all the coins I received and decided to sell them. I have never tried selling gold coins before but I have pawned jewelries before so basically, I know some bits and pieces on how the process would work. To me, my visit here was not only an interesting experience but also a bountiful one. Joses had been a huge help. I was met with professional customer service but that was to be expected. What impressed me was his knowledge about coins. From him, I learned some interesting facts about my coins. I never have thought that some of my coins would have cultural significance – they are more than mere coins. But that didn’t change my mind. I must sell my coins. What’s the use of a culturally significant gold coin when what I want is money? Fortunately, Joses, wasn’t so stingy. In fact, he gave me a great offer – I got several thousands and way more than what I have expected. I WAS RICH! It wouldn’t have happen without Joses.




This coin shop has been helping me slowly liquidate my fathers extensive coin collection. Just wanted to say thank you for your patience and knowledge with this situation. Its been difficult, your help is greatly appreciated.




This coin shop has been helping me slowly liquidate my fathers extensive coin collection. Just wanted to say thank you for your patience and knowledge with this situation. Its been difficult, your help is greatly appreciated.




This place gave it to me straight… no BS. They know their stuff and they are very fair.





Really great place to sell your coins and gold! I came in here a while ago to sell my grandfathers old coins and gold and they walked me through the whole process. They gave me a really good deal for the items I brought in and paid me in cash. Super easy to work with and they really make a conscious effort to make sure I was getting the best deal possible. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions. They are happy to help and thank you so much for your business! 5 stars highly recommend!!!!

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