What We Sell

Collector Coins and Supplies

We have a small in-shop selection of various collector coins and paper money. We do not carry the current year US Mint products. They are readily available at usmint.gov.

Gold Bullion

We do sell gold bullion to the Skokie & Chicago area. The most popular forms are Krugerrands, or American Eagle one ounce coins. If we don’t have it in stock, we can order any size or amount you need. (An out-of-stock order will require 50% payment upfront).

Silver Bullion

We also sell silver bullion to the Skokie & Chicago area. Silver can be purchased in various sizes from 1 ounce rounds to 100 oz bars. (An out-of-stock order will require 50% payment upfront).


It’s difficult to describe what you may find because things we have never considered come in all the time. Some of these special items (antiques) we keep for resale.

We let browsers in at our discretion. We buy jewelry, but we do not sell jewelry to the general public.