What We Buy



We buy coins & paper money

We buy high or low grade U.S. and world coins and paper money. We also purchase gold, silver, whole collections, and more.

We buy all forms of gold

We buy yellow gold, white gold, damaged jewelry, out of style jewelry, dental gold, any gold jewelry, 10k 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k, bullion, and more.

We buy all forms of silver

We buy sterling silver, .999 pure silver, Mexican silver, silver jewelry, flatware, 90% US silver coins, bullion, and more.

We buy estate jewelry & diamonds

We buy estate jewelry, diamonds, designer jewelry, sapphires, emeralds, platinum, gold, silver, and more.


Coins & Paper Money

Oakton Coins & Collectibles is a coin shop that specializes in buying unique coins and paper bills. We buy high or low grade U.S. or foreign coins and paper money. We also offer free verbal appraisals for individuals, inheritances, and estates.


We buy all forms of gold. Historically, gold was often used as money, but today most gold is used to make jewelry. Due to various economic issues in the last few years, gold has gained a lot of attention. The connection between gold and money is not well defined because the price of gold fluctuates. Although the price moves up and down every day, as a traded commodity, the gold price is generally high these days.

Unfortunately, these high prices have created an opportunity for unscrupulous businesses to take advantage of the public. Many fly-by-night stores have popped up all over the Chicago area, offering the “highest prices,” although they are generally the lowest. Even some people who don’t have stores travel around buying (actually stealing) gold. The absolute worst hustle is the mail-in gold services. Don’t trust your wealth to these places. It’s your gold; it’s your wealth; you should not lose it because you are converting your gold into cash.

Historically, banks are where you would take your gold, silver, etc., but for whatever reason they are no longer in that business at least not with the general public. Therefore, the local coin shop is the only honest business that is open to the public when it comes to these matters. We are the best place to sell gold.


We buy all forms of silver. Silver is a metal that holds value, just as gold does. But the majority of gold buyers will not buy or sell silver for the following reasons:

  • The testing process is more complicated.
  • The market price for silver tends to fluctuate more than gold (either direction).
  • Refiners do not accept small amounts.

Estate Jewelry & Diamonds

Generally you need no appointment during regular business hours. The only exceptions are if you are selling large diamonds (over two carats) or very expensive estate jewelry, for which we call in our gemologist.

Can I get a loan?

We are not a pawn shop or a bank, so we do not give loans. We also don’t accept, electronics, car radios, furniture, or catalytic converters; that’s junk yard stuff.

You must be over 18 to sell to us, and you must produce valid identification.

We buy all forms of gold

We buy yellow, white, and rose gold, American Eagle Gold coins, Krugerrand gold coins, wedding bands, engagement rings, class rings, cocktail rings, rings with gemstones and diamonds, or with stones removed. We buy broken gold single earrings, gold bracelets, dental gold, necklaces and any gold jewelry that is no longer fashionable. We buy 9k, 10k, 14k, or 18k gold, vintage gold watches, diamonds and gold in watches, Tiffany gold and David Yurman gold. In summary, we buy and sell all forms of gold.

We buy all forms of Silver

We buy .925 silver or sterling silver, American Silver Eagles, 90% & 40% U.S. junk silver, silver engagement rings, silver class rings, Tiffany silver and silver David Yurman rings, rings with gemstones, or rings with the stones removed. We buy broken silver, single earrings, broken silver bracelets, flatware, necklaces, any silver jewelry that is no longer wearable, antique silver trophies, vintage silver, silver watches, and Mexican silver.

Collectible Coins

We buy US Collectible coins, whole collectionscollectible US paper money, US proof & mint setsSt. Gauden gold coins, cents, half dimes & nickels, dimes, quarters, 2 cent pieces, Buffalo nickels, wheat pennies, trade dollars, capped bust quarters, Carson City Morgan dollars, silver 3 cent pieces, PCGS coins, error coins, silver and gold coins, silver dollars, investment coins, commemorative coins, half dollars, old coins, modern commemoratives. I could go on for pages! We buy all types of collectible coins & paper money. 


We also buy all forms of platinum, all forms of palladium, bullion, estate jewelry, diamonds, designer jewelry, antiques, all collectibles, watches, stamps, swords, Star Wars toys, artifacts, militaria, foreign coins, world coinsand more. We also do consignments, estate liquidations, clean-outs and referrals for unusual items.

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