I cannot recommend this business enough! I don’t have a lot of business with coins but if I ever need their services again I will surely be back! These folks are knowledgeable, courteous, and so much fun to interact with!



The team at Oakton Coins was fantastic. They were polite on the phone and very helpful in person when I brought in my coins. They were transparent as to the process and how they valued the gold and silver in my coins and how they did not value ‘regular’ coins. I felt safe and appreciated how they operated. I had a good idea of value going in based on price of gold and silver and the prices they gave me were fair. I highly recommend them.


The guy really took the time to evaluate my silver coins and explained the value. Comfortable and safe setting…I will be back to buy and sell more. Fair value!!!


Very good customer service and fantastic pricing, better than online. Low premium. The associate, Joses, was friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Will shop again.


I am in the middle of moving, and while I was packing up, I found some gold jewelry that I didn’t want to bring with me to my new home. I was refereed to oakton coins by a good friend. Joses was so helpful, and the process was very simple Thank you so much for helping me out.



I am in the middle of moving, and while I was packing up, I found some gold jewelry that I didn’t want to bring with me to my new home. I was refereed to oakton coins by a good friend. Joses was so helpful, and the process was very simple Thank you so much for helping me out.



I had some gold that I wanted to sell – so I did some research and found Oakton Coins. Joses was very nice and accommodating. I was quite satisfied with the service and the price I received without haggling for the value of what we were offering. He also showed us the market value in real time which let us feel even more secure in the quote. I would recommend Joses at Oakton Coins to anyone looking to sell and get the greatest pay out for gold.


I like this place. Very good shop to sell gold coins or silver coins. This is one of the best coin shops in Chicago area.



I took in some of my mom’s old jewelry. I feel like I got a great price and the staff was wonderful. The whole transaction was effortless. Highly recommend this shop!



Really good service! very nice people and I went there to sell to my silver dollars and the staff gave me a great deal! Highly recommend!!!



Very good experience, and was offered beyond a fair price. The owner is knowledgeable and friendly. Best place to sell your gold/silver locally in my experiences and opinion. Thank you for doing business will be returning.



Thank you for helping me go through my Grandfather’s collection. You guys were much more helpful than the other Chicago coin shops.



Great neighborhood coin shop, where you get treated right and get the best prices for your Gold, Silver and Old coins.



I came in with a lot of gold coins and he offered really great pricing per coin. Really nice, and really quick. No haggling, he was really well versed in the coins I brought in too. Just a fantastic experience all around.



Called up and had a question about a coin. Answered all my questions on the phone. Then went in the store. Got a great deal… friendly and polite… Thank you very much, JB. I will be back soon



After having dealt with a variety of Coin and Collectible Dealers over the years, I was skeptical about Oakton Coins and Collectibles. My experience there was excellent. Everything was upfront and was explained as we went through the coins I had brought in for evaluation. I was offered a fair price and sold them. I will deal with them again.



Great selection of items, nice employees.



After reading some reviews I decided this place was the place to go sell my old coins and some jewelry. The staff was very friendly and the money I got for things I was amazed! I highly recommend Oakton coins and collectibles!



I brought in some old jewelry that was just laying around gathering dust and was given a price that was more than fair. I went to one other pawn shop to see what they would offer and it was well below what Oakton offered me. Will be doing more business with them in the future!



Didn’t like what the other places were offering me and heard from someone that guy there knows more about gold Brought in some old jewelry to make some quick money and he gave me almost 3x what others where asking!!!



I was in here a few days ago to look for some coins for my dad. It’s his birthday in a few weeks and he is a collector. I was greeted when I walked in and asked if I was looking for anything in particular or if I was just browsing. I told the guy (can’t remember his name … I’m sorry!), about my dad. I ended up getting him a couple one ounce silver American eagle coins, which is he going to love. This place also buys gold. So I’m going to be coming back soon with some old gold and silver jewelry that I don’t wear anymore. My friend had sold a few pieces to him a few months back and she said she got a really good price for what she had. Over all I enjoyed my visit. The guy (owner I think?) was really nice and knowledgeable and I trust that he’ll be able to take care of me when I come back with my old jewelry. Thank you again and I’ll see you soon!!



I drove from the south suburbs to skokie. I found Oakton off of yelp and read all the reviews and decided to stop by. I thought I’d give it a try since i really needed some cash. I was greeted by josos and showed him the gold coins that i had. I wasn’t certain as to what they were worth but I feel like I was given wayyyyyy more than what i was asking for. I highly recommend stopping by if you need cash and have gold or silver to sell. The drive was well worth it. Thanks again Josos!



Great place to get rid of your old outdated gold jewelry. Not only did they have one of the best prices but they are really knowledgeable and really know their stuff. Great place to go!



I had some gold and old coins I needed to sell, and after reading reviews and doing some research, I decided to check this place out.The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable, they made me a great offer for my stuff. I am definitely coming back here!



This is place is great, the only place I’ll trust going with my coins in Chicago. My grandma has been coming here for years and they are always friendly to her and me. It’s in a fine Chicagoland neighborhood but they have to let you in by unlocking the door with a buzzer – it makes you feel safer.



Can always count on a fun experience. Extremely knowledgable staff. Authentic items 100% of the time. Would highly recommend. A hidden gem



Here my experience : Their prices are reasonable. They were real professional in helping appraise my uncle’s estate. I thank them for all their help. Think its a good place to sell coins.



This coin shop is outstanding. They took the time to explain all of the different options with the coins and bullion. The customer service is fantastic. These people are a pleasure to do business with. I never felt any pressure to buy anything. They are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Thanks



Their prices are reasonable. They were real professional in helping appraise my uncle’s estate. I thank them for all their help. Think its a good place to sell coins.



If you need to sell gold in Chicago this is the best place to go! They helped me get rid of some old and outdated jewelry that I had been carrying around for too long!! It was nice to feel like I was getting some of my money back even after all of this time. I got a check but I think they pay in cash too. Nice little coin shop.



I have sold gold and silver to them 2 times. They are very respectful, honest and more than fair. I have referred co-workers to Oakton Coins & Collectibles. Recently I went with one co-worker during our lunch break and they gave her an extra $20 to pay for our lunch as a thank you for my referral!



These folks are pros and will give you the best price for your old jewelry. Even the ‘We Buy Gold’ storefronts sell to them. I had a very challenging gold and silver jewelry inheritance and the guys at Oakton Coins really put the time and effort into getting me the best return on my value. I was impressed… best prices in the Chicago area.



I found my moms jewelry box filled with mostly gold jewelry from 20 years ago. I had not use for it, so I decided to sell it. After doing some online research, I ended up at Oakton Coins. They were so helpful and friendly and I walked out of there with more than $500 cash in the end. I would definitely recommend them.



Excellent experience! I recently inherited a large gold rope chain from my grandfather. Despite being a nice piece of jewelry, it was something that I know I would never wear. So with his blessing, he told me to sell it and get something that I could use. Taking his advice, I began seeking out gold purchasers in the Skokie, Evanston, Rogers Park area. While searching, Oakton Coins caught my eye. So a quick drive to Skokie landed me at their counter.

I was amazed to learn that he was willing to give me $145 more than everyone else. Needless to say, I took his offer and will definitely continue to do business with him in the future.



I took some old pocket watches to Oakton Coins. Joses examined them and one turned out to be an expensive Railroad Pocketwatch. I decided to sell the other watches but not this one. Joses was very gracious about it. He told me that watch was very valuable and he understood why I would want to keep it in the family. I kinda expected attitude, especially from a coin dealer, but not with this place. Certainly different in this day and age.



These guys are some of the most knowledgeable gold and silver dealers I’ve met. They understand the market and are very fair. These guys stand out compared to some of the other guys and stores.



Great Place! Good Customer Service.

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