Buying & selling gold / silver bullion

Oakton Coins & Collectibles buys and sells all types of bullion.

During the quarantine, we are open to sellers only. Through the transaction window.

Oakton Coins & Collectibles buys gold, silver and platinum bullion. If you have bullion of any type to sell, no matter whether they are coins or bars, US or foreign, Oakton Coins & Collectibles will buy it.

Selling Bullion

If you are a bullion seller, simply visit our secure location during business hours.  Large or small we will quickly provide you with a free, no-hassle offer. We will also go through your material and identify any items with added numismatic value, which usually commands a premium above their silver or gold bullion value.

Buying Bullion

We have access to every possible type and category of platinum, silver and gold bullion. If we don’t have it in stock, we can order any size or amount you need, usually within 24 hours. (An out-of-stock order will require at least 50% down).

Oakton Coins & Collectibles buys and sells bullion items of all types and varieties. Whether you have bars of precious metals, minted bullion coins, private mint coins or medals, or odd size/weight silver, platinum and gold bullion bars or coins, we can give you an accurate evaluation and offer on your bullion.

Current Precious Metal Spot Prices…..

GoldUSD 1,652.40   per Ounce
SilverUSD 14.99   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 732.00   per Ounce
Apr 08 2020 02:44 EST

We regularly buy the following types of silver, gold and platinum bullion material: Canada Gold Maple Leaf, South African Gold Krugerrand, Chinese, Gold and Silver Pandas, American Gold Eagle, American Silver Eagle, American Platinum Eagle, American Gold Buffalo, U.S. First Spouse Coins, Australia Gold Nuggets and other bullion coins, Austria Philharmonic silver and gold, Gold, silver, and platinum bars and ingots, & Certified bullion coins.