Secure location to sell

Oakton Coins & Collectibles is the most secure coin shop around the north side of Chicago.

When you’re getting ready to sell your bullion and numismatic holdings, it is very important to consider the security of the physical location you’re going to. Oakton Coins & Collectibles is on the border of Chicago but in a very safe suburb (Skokie). We have state-of-the-art full 360 video surveillance system in place. We also have a second door buzzer system. You will be the only person(s) in the room with us while we’re figuring out the worth of your valuables. 

Parking is right in front of the shop (or in back). We can escort you to and from your car if necessary. There are many more security aspects to the shop that we would prefer not to publish on the internet. Everything is very secure.

A lot of Chicago area shops are fairly laxed on who they let in, while they’re doing deals. It’s always best to be careful, especially when doing deals involving cash.