If you have foreign gold, silver, or base metal coins to sell, Oakton Coins & Collectibles will buy them!

You will find a big disparity in valuations from one coin dealer to another regarding foreign coins (world coins). Many dealers are inexperienced with the vast variety of world coins. We have been concentrating our efforts on foreign coins, as this area has always been fertile ground for us to find rare and unique coins, tokens, and medals that most coin dealers would not even recognize. Whether you have world bullion coins or a collection of rare foreign coins, we want to buy them. Call us at 224-563-5684 to discuss your collection.

The process of selling your world coin collection is easy with Oakton Coins & Collectibles. We offer expert, professional, and confidential assistance when you’re ready to sell. There is no need to have your coins organized in any particular way; just bring the coins in during business hours and we will do all the work.

Evaluate and Appraise World Coins
A major advantage our coin buyers have when it comes to foreign coins is our familiarity with them. You will be hard pressed to find another coin dealer with more experience than us in the purchase and sale of foreign coin collections. Important resources in the identification and valuation of world coins include the Krause World Coin Catalog, the PCGS population report, and NGC Population Report.
Certified Foreign Coins
Many foreign coins can be found, authenticated, and graded by PCGS, & NGC. These companies are the gold standard for grading world coins. Just like US coins, encapsulated foreign coins can bring even stronger prices due to the confidence that comes with a certified coin. If you are ready to sell your foreign coin collection, or have any questions about how the process of selling your world coins can work for you, please call us at 224-563-5684
What We Buy
Oakton Coins & Collectibles is interested in all foreign coins, certified or raw, that have added collectible value or bullion value. We purchase entire rare coin collections wherever possible. Whether you have a large or small collection, Oakton Coins & Collectibles will make you an offer.

Always strong buyers of all the following world coins:

  • Mexican silver pesos and gold pesos
  • Central and South American gold escudos
  • South American gold and silver coins
  • Foreign metals & tokens
  • German thalers and German State coins
  • French gold coins, especially Napoleonic gold coins
  • Chinese gold and silver pandas
  • Spanish cob coins
  • Russian gold rubles and platinum rubles
  • Shipwreck coins
  • Foreign proof sets and foreign mint sets

We are buyers of every possible numismatic foreign coin you may have, raw or certified by one of the major coin grading services. We will make you the strongest offer the numismatic market allows on your rare world coin collection. Call us at 224-563-5684.