Most foreign coins can be grouped into four general groups: gold, silver, ancient, and foreign base metal coins.

We buy foreign gold coins
The most commonly traded foreign gold coins include the British Sovereign, the Swiss 20 Franc, the French 20 Franc and the Italian 20 Lire. Because so many gold foreign coins exist, we use books, websites, and guides to figure the price. Most of the time, foreign gold trades near the spot price of gold, which is fairly expensive. However, certain foreign gold coins are very rare and desirable, and we buy those for a higher price.

We buy foreign silver coins
For thousands of years, until the 1960’s, silver coinage was considered normal in many nations. The technical “coin silver” alloy is .900 silver, or 90% silver and 10% copper, but different types and alloys exist. Most of the time, foreign silver goes for around the spot price of silver, mostly because they are not that uncommon. However, certain foreign silver coins are very rare and desirable, and we buy those for a higher price.

We buy foreign base metal coins
We pay $3/lb for foreign base metal coins. Most people have some foreign base metal (not silver or gold) coins lying around. Many foreign base metal coins that people save have been demonetized, and US banks do not accept foreign coins for exchange value.

We buy Ancient & Medieval Coins
The ancient world actually made a lot of coins out of silver, bronze, gold, or copper. We have numismatic books that catalogue  tens of thousands of coins, ranging from Roman, Byzantine, Greek, Medieval, Asian, and more. Age itself does not always determine the market value; condition and demand are usually what dictates price. Some coins can be very expensive, especially old Chinese coins.

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