Oakton Coins & Collectibles buys all forms of gold and silver jewelry from Deerfield & Highland Park

At Oakton Coins & Collectibles you will get more cash for your gold and silver jewelry than any Deerfield or Highland Park jewelry buyer!

This is because Skokie has lower overhead than any jewelry buyer in Deerfield or Highland Park. Plus lots of FREE parking, with absolutely NO parking tickets!

Selling your Deerfield – Highland Park jewelry, gold, silver, diamonds, watches & coins in 3 SIMPLE STEPS!

1 – Collect your fine jewelry, watches, gold, diamonds, coins and any other valuables you want to sell.
2 – Come into our convenient and safe store at 4547 Oakton Street
3 – Our experts will evaluate and make you and cash or check.

We will complete all testing and evaluate your jewelry in our shop. We won’t hide what we are doing, it is all carried out right in front of you in just minutes. Once the testing is done, we will make an offer, that is based solely on the most current spot pricing for your precious metals.


It’s always a great idea to have an understanding of what your jewelry is worth before you take it to a local gold buyer. If your jewelry has been appraised recently, bring the appraisal with you. In addition to getting estimates from several Deerfield & Highland Park area jewelry stores, it’s important to check your preferred jewelry buyers reputation. Read online reviews, ask friends and family members for recommendations.

With many years of experience, Oakton Coins & Jewelry is a well-known, respected and trusted Deerfield Highland Park area jewelry buyer. We adhere to strict ethical requirements and excel in providing superior service and knowledge. Call or drop by Oakton Coins today to find out how easily you can earn quick cash when you sell your Deerfield Highland Park area jewelry.