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Sell gold and silver Rogers Park 60645, 60659, 60626!

Oakton Coins & Collectibles is very close to rogers park (& east Rogers Park, Chicago). By car just go straight north on Sheridan; after the graveyard – Sharidan turns into Oakton, then is a straight shot down Oakton. We are between Kolmar & Kenton on Oakton.

Or The yellow line cta train runs express from Howard to Oakton st, then its a short walk &/or the 96 cta bus stops right across the street. It will be worth your time, you will get more cash. We also make house calls in Rogers Park!

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Want to know where to sell jewelry in Rogers Park for cash and to get the best price for selling used jewelry? As a top jewelry buyer in Rogers Park we deal with all kinds of jewelry buying and want to give you some tips for selling your jewelry. Whether you are looking to sell your watch, diamond jewelry, gold, wedding ring, coins or any piece of jewelry you do not wear anymore. Selling to a jewelry store might just be your best option. In fact, coin dealers who buy jewelry typically offer more than pawn shops! Here is how to get the best price for used jewelry.

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Tips For Selling Jewelry In Rogers Park

Think About Your End Goal
First off you need to decide if you want to sell used jewelry for cash or if you want to trade-in for a new jewelry piece. You also need to make sure you really want to let your jewelry piece go. Be 100% certain you want to not have that particular jewelry piece still and you can live without it. Contact your Rogers Park jewelry buyers today if you are ready to sell your unwanted jewelry for cash or trade-in for a new jewelry piece.

Get a Jewelry Appraisal
This is extremely important for antique jewelry. Jewelry appraisals are an important document used to both prove value of an item and help identify ownership. A jewelry appraisal is a perfect time to ask questions about selling your jewelry in different markets and certain circumstances. We conveniently offer Free Jewelry Appraisals and will give you a fair and accurate jewelry appraisal by a jewelry expert.

Have Realistic Expectations
There are lots of factors that help determine the price of your used jewelry, keep this in mind when agreeing on a price. Jewelry is a style driven industry and the designer brand, year, style and other factors will have an effect on the price. Gold, diamonds, gemstones and estate jewelry all fluctuate price over time and partly have to do with current market trends. Our professional jewelry appraiser will clearly go over what determines the price of your valuables you are selling.

Clean Your Gold and Silver Jewelry
Of course Gold jewelry looks best when cleaned so you should make sure what you are selling is cleaned properly. If you are not positive you know how to clean your jewelry, its best to take it to a jewelry / coin shop for a professional cleaning. Bring it to Oakton Coins & Collectibles and we will clean your jewelry for free! You do not want to damage your jewelry so it is best to have a professional do it. Complimentary jewelry cleaning for all customers helps makes us one of the best jewelry buyers around Rogers Park.

Sell To A Reputable Source
When looking for jewelry, gold and diamond buyers you should choose a place that you trust the most and who is a reputable buyer. Pawn shops are known for buying items way below the actual value as there in the business of giving people money fast when they are in desperate times. Oakton Coins & Collectibles is a great option when looking for a local jewelry selling shop in Chicago – Rogers Park. For a fair offer on your jewelry, gold or coins drop by to ask our jewelry experts any questions you have about selling jewelry for cash.

Jewelry Buyers In Rogers Park
Oakton Coins & Collectibles is Rogers Park closest jewelry buyers, we are here to answer any questions you may have about selling gold jewelry or coins. We are a full service coin shop specializing in coins & gold jewelry buying, & selling.