Oakton Coins & Collectibles buys all forms of Gold and Silver Jewelry from Evanston Illinois.

We have lower overhead than shops that buy in Evanston; so when you sell to us and you will get more cash for your gold -silver – coins – jewelry etc.

Plus lots of free parking – With no parking tickets!!!!!

We buy Scrap Silver, Scrap Gold, Scrap Platinum, Bullion, US Collectible Coins, Collectible US Paper Money, US Proof & Mint Sets, Estate Jewelry, Diamonds, Designer Jewelry, Flatware, Antiques, All Collectibles, Watches, Stamps, and more…

Oakton Coins & Collectibles is the fastest and easiest way to sell your jewelry. Our commitment to customer satisfaction combined with our extensive knowledge in the industry means you will receive the best cash offers in Evanston.

We understand that when it comes to finding the best place to sell your jewelry, you need someone that is honest, reliable and knowledgeable. That’s where we come in. We are Oakton Coins & Collectibles, your most dependable Evanston jewelry buyers.

Six Steps To Sell Your Jewelry

Our knowledgeable and highly-trained staff is here to help guide you through every step of our process. Here is what you can expect with us:

# 1 Documentation – If you have any documents such as a report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to help us access the value of your jewelry, this will help speed up the process. Not to worry, even if you do not have any official documents, we will still be able to continue with the transaction.

# 2 Meeting – When you meet with one of our expert gemologists, you can receive a free evaluation and we will discuss all of your options to determine what works best for you.

# 3 Education – Unlike other jewelry buyers in the Evanston area, we will make sure you understand every aspect of our evaluation. We will answer all of your questions and include information about the current market trends.

# 4 Proposal – Our offers are risk-free and designed to get you the most value for your jewelry.

# 5 Transaction – After you have agreed to our offer, you will be able to leave the same with cash in hand.

# 6 Receipt – Not only will you receive cash or check immediately, you will also leave with a receipt detailing the purchase of your jewelry.

Exclusive Services For All Of Our Clients
We have been in this business for many years and we understand that there are many reasons to sell your jewelry.

Some of the more common reasons we see include:
– An heirloom or legacy piece that can add value to an estate
– Beginning a new life phase
– The desire to generate capital
– Make room for new treasures

No matter what your reason is, we are committed to honesty and integrity with each and every transaction.

Respect: We believe that the beauty expressed by jewels should be the hallmark of our business. This shows in an environment that is warm, welcoming, and open, and where each client is treated with respect, unlike many Evanston jewelry stores. We showcase this view by making available a wide array of services to ensure that each transaction is comfortable, informed, and simple.

Here is how: We take pride in showcasing the friendliness with which Evanston is synonymous. Our philosophy is that each individual who visits Oakton Coins & Collectibles is as priceless and unique as the gems with which we work. Our number one priority that shines the brightest is our client’s satisfaction. Our goal is to empower the client by providing you with all the information and options that you need to sell your jewelry for the best possible price.

Meet Our Gemologist: You will want to make an appointment to meet our friendly, knowledgeable gemologist. Our expert staff enjoys sharing our experience in easy to understand terms, explaining the characteristics of your particular diamond and helping you to discover the best resale options available.

FlexibilityWe purchase both certified and non-certified diamonds. If you have the paperwork at hand, please bring it with you when you come for your appointment. This will facilitate our evaluation of your jewelry. However, we understand that this is not always feasible and we do buy non-certified diamonds.

It’s Easy To Obtain Cash For Your JewelryIt is of paramount importance at Oakton Coins & Collectibles that each individual is treated with respect and appraised of all of the options available regarding selling your jewelry. We offer an easy to understand, no-obligation written proposal. We take satisfaction in helping our clients throughout the interaction. Unlike selling your jewelry at auctions or online, there is no need to wait on consignment. We have faith in our services and extend the best possible cash offer at the time of the proposal.

You see, diamonds and Jewels have been valued throughout history as an enduring symbol of beauty. They are lovely, unique, and precious. These qualities make jewels a sound investment to buy and to sell. Simply stated, if you are looking for an Evanston jewelry buyer, you can relax knowing that with Oakton Coins & Collectibles, you are in great hands.

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Enjoy the benefits of selling your gold and silver items – Sell gold & silver jewelry Evanston (Oakton Coins & Collectibles)

Looking for an appropriate, trustworthy and reputable store where you can sell you valuable gold and silver jewelry at the best price? Old jewelry, coins and other items made of gold and silver can become useless and it is natural to want to get rid of them for something that you can actually use. If you want to make good cash money for unforeseen expenses, then selling your gold and silver items is a good decision.

Why should you choose Sell gold & silver jewelry Evanston Oakton Coins & Collectibles?

Our reputation and good name speaks for our work Sell gold & silver jewelry Evanston is a reputable company which has been in the business of buying gold, silver and other valuables by making the best possible offers. Its reputation has build up over time owing to the valuable care and attention it has given to the customers. At Sell gold & silver jewelry Evanston (Oakton Coins & Collectibles), you can expect to be valued just like you value your valuables and antiques. Customer satisfaction is taken utmost care of. To know more about how our customers have benefitted from our offers, you can check out the customer reviews on yelp.

Our fair policy ensures customer satisfaction and we consider the true value of your gold.

With us, you will get the true price of the value of your gold and silver items. If you jewelry or gold or silver item has been purchased from a pre-eminent brand like Tiffany or Cartier, then the evaluation of your item will be done accordingly and the best price will be offered to you. We understand how much you care for your items and we care for you. Thus, you are in good hands and you will only receive benefits from Sell gold & silver jewelry Evanston (Oakton Coins & Collectibles) when selling your items.

We make the best offer on your products and believe in mutually beneficial transactions for Evanston area.
If your gold or silver product has not been bought from a high-worth brand, then a deal of 80 to 90% value of gold or silver is made along with separate price for any gem or diamond that is mounted on it. With us, you will be offered the best price because we ensure that your item is not undervalued. Our expert team of experienced jewelers and trained staff are detailed and believe in a fair policy. The gold or silver item you want to sell will go through certain quality check processes and its value will be quoted to you.

Pleasing our Evanston customers is our principal goal and we stick to our words
Catering to every need of our customer and meeting their requirements is our ground rule and we stick to our principles. More often than not, our customers maintain a long-term relationship with us. We keep our prices reasonable. We value you and you items. To build a relationship of trust and faith, our work policies are fair and our customer centric approach is inclined towards benefitting you.